Car Mats Back In Stock

We recently received a much anticipated delivery of our hugely popular range of car mats. After a delay with the ports in which both our containers were pulled aside for a random spot check we finally received them last week. Two 40 foot containers, with a combined laden of 52 tonne, we set for a long day!

Container #1 arrived around 11:30 and with great gusto our team got stuck straight in. Pallets were being built in just over a minute, which were then whisked away by the forklift to take up short term residence in our warehouse. This first container took us just over three hours, the doors were shut and the driver disappeared to fetch container #2. A quick power lunch was consumed in anticipation for the next arrival.

Around half 4 the familiar sight of truck and trailer appeared outside the office window and we leapt into action, admittedly with a little less gusto with which we attacked the first delivery. Arms were being to sore, backs beginning to grow weary, but there was no time to stop, a three hour window was all we had available. Three hours later and the clock was showing half 7 and the back wall of the container flashed into sight, a welcome sight for all. Shortly after the last pallet was lifted off with the forklift and the containers were complete.

Interested in becoming an exclusive retailer?

Maybe you would like to get your hands on some of these mats for your shop, to become a sole distributor of the range in your locality? Then make sure to get in touch with us today. You can find out more here.



A short timelapse of our team unloading one of our shipping containers




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