We have just received our latest shipping container of new products – steering wheel covers and car covers. This time we add 9 steering wheel covers to our range, a new set of front seat covers and 3 car covers. The container arrived around 8 in the morning, full to the brim with stock. With a window of 3 hours to unload everything we got stuck straight in. We had a team of four working to unload, 3 in the container stacking pallets and 1 on the forklift. We put a time lapse together of the team unloading the container, just over 3 hour worth of work condensed into just over 20 seconds. I can assure you that it certainly wasn’t as easy as the video makes it look!

This container was particularly difficult to unload as a lot of the stock had been pre sold so needed to be sorted as it came off and put into the back of another lorry to be sent out to our customers. This was a fairly time consuming aspect, as we usually unload the container straight into the warehouse, this time however part numbers had to be sorted out, making sure that we had the right amount of stock going to the right people.

At the minute the stock is a bit all over the place in our warehouse as we needed to get the container done quickly so the other lorry could get out and do deliveries. You can expect a post coming soon discussing the warehouse and our seat covers and car covers, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it.

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Check out this short timelapse of our team unloading this shipping container.



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