This week we received a delivery of 21 different exhaust tips, a bit of a logistical nightmare. These boxes arrived in the back of a 20ft shipping container and we were given a 2 hour window to get it all unloaded and palletised. This way of working doesn’t exactly allow the time for organisation when the stock comes off the container. As a result we were left around 16 pallets of mixed stock which needed sorted.

As a business we like to keep our warehouse well organised to aid in the picking of stock for customer orders. This meant that 16 pallets of random stock was not going to cut the mustard so a morning was set aside to organise the boxes into each different product. You can see from the picture that was quite the success and once again order has been restored to the warehouse.

This order saw 8 new exhaust trims arrive with us which we are excited about. After listening to feedback from customers we brought in a range of angled exhaust tips to allow for the downward facing exhaust pipes. These items have already begun to move out from our warehouse into a number of our local and overseas customers.

Our range of exhaust tips have been very successful with all our customers who placed orders. They are continually reordering these items to keep the public supplied. As a business we are always looking to develop our ranges further and we are excited to see where this range takes us.

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We have added our range of 8 new exhaust tips to our existing range, make sure to check them, and the rest of the range below.